About Us


PEC provides a quality machine for a fraction of the typical cost. Our direct to consumer approach allows far more operators to enjoy the benefits of owning their own machine. Stop renting and become an owner today!

Our Mission

At PEC we believe in placing our machines into the hands of many instead of a select few. No longer is it necessary to spend the big bucks chasing the big brands. PEC is the new standard available to all.

Our Vision

Building a high quality product and being priced right, is a difficult combination. By selling directly to the end user, we eliminate the high cost of traditional networks and pass that savings directly on to you!

Top Reliability

A machine that works. Day in and day out.


Built around the concept of Self-Maintenance. Keep more money in your pocket!

Technical Support

Questions, Comments? Contact our friendly staff today.


Wheel Loaders & Mini Excavators is our specialty

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